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This book frames business analysis in the context of digital technologies. It introduces modern business analysis techniques, including a selection of those in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), and exemplifies them by means of digital technologies applied to solve problems or exploit new business opportunities. It also includes in-depth case studies in which business problems and opportunities, drawn from real-world scenarios, are mapped to digital solutions. The work is summarized in seven guiding principles that should be followed by every business analyst. This book is intended mainly for students in business informatics and related areas, and for professionals who want to acquire a solid background for their daily work. It is suitable both for courses and for self-study.


Enjoy the book and the courseware!

This website offers complimentary slides, video lectures, and figures as an aid. Instructors are free to use the material provided reference is given to the book or this website. For instructors using this book as part of teaching, you can register and gain access to instructor-only materials such as cases for seminars and quiz questions.

Video Lectures

The video materials are free to access and can be downloaded as a complete folder or as a single video.


Slides are following the structure of video lectures, and the website users have the open access to them.


All figures of the book are available to download.The slides have additional figures that might be useful as well

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