For instructors who wish to use this book in their course offerings, you can get access to instructor-only materials. To gain access, you need to register. Please enter your name, affiliation, university or company email address, and if available, link to the course webpage. When granted access, you can find case studies for discussion or seminars, seminar recap videos, and over 100 quiz questions (available in different formats).

The instructor materials are organized according to the chapters of the book. The course can be taught in a shorter version covering 8 weeks (lectures) or full version with 13-16 weeks. In case of using the book and its materials for shorter courses, the following structure is advised.

Session 1: Introduction to Business Analysis & Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring (covering chapters 1, 6 and 7 of the book)
Session 2: Context Analysis (covering chapters 2 and 3)
Session 3: Current State Analysis part 1 (covering chapters 6, 8, and 9)
Session 4: Current State Analysis part 2 (covering chapters 10 and 11)
Session 5: Problem Analysis (covering chapter 12)
Session 6: Future State Analysis and Change Strategy (covering chapters 13 and 14)
Session 7: Delivery of Solution (covering chapters 18)
Session 8: Seminar on project assignment

For a 13 – 15 week course installation, the following structure can be utilized.

Session 01 Introduction to Business Analysis (covering chapter 1)
Session 02 Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring (covering chapters 6 and 7)
Session 03 External Context Analysis (covering chapter 2)
Session 04 Internal Context Analysis (covering chapters 3 and 4)
Session 05 Elicitation and Collaboration (covering chapter 5)
Session 06 Current State Analysis I (covering chapters 8 and 9)
Session 07 Current State Analysis II (covering chapters 10 and 11)
Session 08 Problem Analysis (covering chapter 12)
Session 09 Future State Analysis & Risk Assessment (covering chapter 13)
Session 10 Change Strategy (covering chapter 14)
Session 11 Design Solution & Requirement Life Cycle Management (covering chapters 15, 16, and 17)
Session 12 Deliver Solution (covering chapter 18)
Session 13 Evaluate Solution & Principles of Good Business Analysis (covering chapters 19 and 20)
Session 14 Project Seminar

If additional weeks are at your disposal, chapter 17 (Vendor Assessment) can be added as a separate session. Furthermore, a separate session to prepare for the exam by doing one of the case studies presented in chapter 21 is also advisable. You can download the table of contents from here

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